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I’m Robert, a licensed clinical psychologist based in Southern California, and author of the bestselling Hardcore Self Help book series. I also host a weekly podcast where I address reader questions and interview others in the mental health field.

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Episode 164: Boundaries vs Manipulation, Moving with Mental Illness, Helping Family Understand

Episode 164: Boundaries vs Manipulation, Moving with Mental Illness, Helping Family Understand

Hey, all! On the last episode, I had my wife on to answer your relationship communications. We got SO many awesome questions that I wanted to tackle some more on the podcast today. This is a solo Q&A episode and I take questions directly from the private Hardcore Self Help Facebook group. If you aren’t yet a member of the group, you can request access at


June 27, 2019 0

How to Deal with Erectile Dysfunction

How to Deal with Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (ED), or the inability to get/keep an erection during sexual activity, is a major problem. Estimates suggest it may impact up to 30 million people with penises. It’s an issue that has obvious ramifications when it comes to the mechanics of having penetrative sex, but it is also something that can have a devastating impact psychologically. ED is linked to shame, guilt, depressive symptoms, performance anxiety, and relationship disruption. It can be tough for the person with ED to cope with not being able to “perform” when the time comes and it can be easy for their partner(s) to fall into the trap of feeling that they did something wrong or they are not desirable enough for their partner to get an erection. Recently on episode 160 of the Hardcore Self Help Podcast, I got the following question about ED:


June 7, 2019 0

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