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I’m Robert, a licensed clinical psychologist based in Southern California, and author of the bestselling Hardcore Self Help book series. I also host a weekly podcast where I address reader questions and interview others in the mental health field.

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Episode 24: Depersonalization, Toxic Friend, Knowing vs Believing

Before I talk about the episode, get your buns over to so that you can enter to win some awesome free stuff. Ending this week.

Anyway, this was another awesome possum question and answer episode. Super pleased with the variety of questions. Nice work and please keep them coming. Here is what we cover in this episode:

  • How do I cope with feeling detached from my body and experiences?
  • What should I do about a toxic friend?
  • What happens when you “know” for a fact that you are bad. Therapy can’t help with that, right?

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August 24, 2016 0

Episode 23: Psychologist vs Psychiatrist etc.

This is another deep dive episode where I focus on one topic and give you more in depth information than I typically do on the Q&A episodes. In this one, I talk all about the different terminology related to mental health treatment. I talk about the different terms for treatment itself such as therapy, psychotherapy, and counseling as well as the different people who provide services such as psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists, neurologists, and more.

Fair warning- this information is pretty USA based since some of the terminology varies, but I hope it is helpful nonetheless!

Next week will indeed be another Q&A episode, so keep sending your questions into me or

August 17, 2016 0

Episode 22: Heather Gray on RE-Choosing a Happy Life

On this episode, I talk with Heather Gray from about how she has been able to overcome the very difficult speed bumps in her life by being brave and re-choosing to live a happy life. She is a super strong woman and I think that definitely comes through in the interview. We did experience a few little technical issues during the interview, but I tried my best to edit around them. Apologies if I missed anything.

Please check out Heather on twitter at and visit her website at

Next week is another Q&A so make sure you are sending in your questions!

August 10, 2016 0

Episode 21: Anxiety vs Normal Teens, Dad with Body Issues, Feeling Guilty for Mental Health

Another FANTASTIC grouping of questions today. This one is a little on the longer side, but I think there is a lot of valuable content to be had here. Above all I think that these questions were very BRAVE. Keep them coming!

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Here are the questions that are covered in this episode:

  • Should I be concerned about my feelings of anxiety and depression or is this just normal for a 14 year old?
  • How can I help my husband be less hard on my daughter about her weight and diet?
  • Should I avoid going into the mental health profession due to my own issues?

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August 3, 2016 0

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